Winter Safety

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With winter in full swing most of us are reaching for the electric blankets and turning on the heaters.  So, it’s the perfect time for us here at R and V Electrical to remind you to check that all your appliances are in good working order.

Please be aware of the possible fire dangers associated not only with the everyday household appliances but also especially with those you put away for the warmer months, then bring out at this time of the year.

We at R and V Electrical work together like a family and like to treat all our clients like a family member too.   We want you to know that there have been some incidents where recalls have occurred so please be careful.

To keep your family safe this winter, we recommend you do the following:

Check all your electrical equipment at least once a year – no time like the present!
Never let children sleep with the electric blanket on, just incase of any liquid spillage that could cause an electric shock .
Test your heaters are working properly during the day whilst at home, before you leave it on throughout the night.
Check that there is no exposed or damaged wiring.
Take some time to explain electrical safety to your children. Plug boards and switches are not playthings.
Install electrical safety switches in your home – they are additional safety measures to protect the ones you love.
Now some things you should look out for when purchasing electrical products for winter:

Only buy Australian compliant products, if in doubt ask for verification.
Purchase your electrical products from reputable stores and check for the compliance mark of approval.
If products are purchased online, check that they are compatible with the Australian standards. We don’t want any nasty shocks or fire hazards.
Never modify or attempt to repair electrical devices – always get a qualified electrician.
If you are ever in doubt, R and V Electrical are only a phone call away and we would be more than happy to make sure your family is kept safe this winter.

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