Safety Switches

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It’s a risky world.
Safety switches are there to protect you, your family and visitors you have on your property from an electric shock.One safety switch is not enough and posses a real risk.
Regardless of whether you own or rent, having an electrician install safety switches on all circuits will ensure your home is safe.
There are misconceptions when it comes to safety switches, circuit breakers and fuses. One safety switch is not enough, it will only work on that circuit.
You should consider installing a safety switch on all circuits for lights, power points and pool equipment.
Get to understand the switches that are installed in your home. A “T” or “Test” button should be near the circuit. Test buttons come in various colours and do range in size and shape. It should be labeled “ELCB” or “RCD”. If you are unsure, give R & V Electrical a call and we can assist.
It can also be confusing understand and knowing the difference between safety switches, circuit breakers and fuses.

Safety Switches – protect you against an electric shock.
Circuit Breakers – protect an electrical circuit by cutting power off if there is a high current fault or overload.
A Fuse – is a protective device that protects an electrical power system from harmful over-currents.

A safety switch is your insurance against electric shock. They are designed to prevent death or serious injury.
If you are unsure if you have enough safety switches to protect your family, give R & V Electrical a call and put your mind at ease.

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