Level 2 Service Provider

Offering smart solutions to complex electrical requirements.

R&V Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd is a certified Level 2 Service Provider in Sydney and is fully accredited and certified by the NSW Department of Energy Utilities and Sustainability. Our status as a Level 2 Service Provider ensures that we are qualified to take on high level electrical tasks ranging from metering to handling connections and disconnections.

Scope of Services

  • Our Level 2 Service Includes:
  • Power Line Work
  • Power Poles
  • Street Lighting
  • Underground Mains
  • Tiger Tails
  • Temporary Builders Service (TBS)
  • Disconnect/Reconnects
  • Metering

Quality Workmanship

Access quality solutions through R&V Electrical Contracts Pty Ltd and enjoy peace of mind with our superior workmanship. To make an enquiry or request a quote simply contact our office today on (02) 8783 0466.